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Hi, my name is Luna.


 I was born with a congenital melanocytic called Nevus. It is a rare disease that affects only 1% of the population. During gestation, I had a failure in the migration process of melanocytes and so I have a dark spot on my face.

Mom and Dad are doing everything to help me. We have been in several doctors in the United States for surgery to remove the Nevus, so I need your help. The surgeries are expensive.


The best price and less aggressive procedures are done in Russia, so we are always going there. We already got donations for the first surgery, but still a lot! At least 8 more procedures over the next 2 years.

Look at how this surgery can help me:

In my self-esteem when I grow up and able to understand my condition.

In my physical health, looking for a treatment that preserves my muscles and facial movements.

In my social life, protecting me from the bullying of people that still do not understand that I had no choice.

In avoiding diseases that may arise from Nevus, such as melanoma (malignant cancer)

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