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When it comes to baby’s skincare, less is always more. Fragrances and additional chemicals that most people think are good for disinfecting or sanitizing could actually harm the skin. Our baby wipes contain 97% water ( Aqua ) and vitamin E, which are both safe and gentle for sensitive skin. We guarantee that there is no trace of any alcohol or scent-enhancer that could get absorbed into the pores and irritate your child’s skin.

 Main Ingredients and Benefits

Guidelines for Use

Total Baby Wipes are products that are fresh and pure. We recommend that you store your wipes upside down until one pack is opened, one at a time. Use within 4 weeks of opening and reseal the label after every use.

Total Baby Wipes Sizes

Total Baby Wipes has earned its positive reputation because we go out of our way to provide truly exceptional products to our customers. Read on to learn more about what we can do for you.



Best Uses and Benefits for the Total Baby Wipes

For Diaper Changes 

Baby diapers need to be changed regularly to keep your little one’s skin from getting soaked and irritated. Rashes are often caused by long-time exposure to dirt and moisture. When an infant's bottom is irritated, it develops a red, itchy rash that could make him fussy. Using wipes with alcohol or fragrance could aggravate the condition. Our water wipes not only prevent irritation, they also helps keep baby comfortable and happy.

The Economical Choice for Moms

For a mom or dad, purchasing baby essentials can be quite overwhelming. There is so much a baby needs, and most of them are costly. We aim to make it a bit easier for you by offering more wipe sheets with top-grade quality at a more economical price. Most wipes on the market contain only 720 wet sheets. Our 800-piece pack gives you more wiping pieces and with better market price

For Adults & The Elderly

More than using it for your baby, Total Baby Wipes may also be used by seniors, especially those who are not as active as they used to be. They will find the ready-to-use wipes convenient as these require minimal effort to pull out and apply. You can also use it as a makeup remover or an emergency mopping sheet for spills and messes. And if you need to clean a wound or burn, these wipes are the safest and most painless ones you will find.